Sunday, November 1, 2009, an Online Transcription Service, now offers Dictation app Audio Notes for iPhone Users

With the major updates in software lately, WeScribeIt has added a few of their own improvements to the dictation service they already offer. Audio Notes, an application used by iPhones, allows users to dictate and upload their transcription needs to their WeScribeIt account.

What is the latest in transcription for the ease of those who need to use dictation services? WeScribeIt and Audio Notes, an iPhone app, are working together for new ways of providing transcription services faster and more efficiently. Audio Notes can record notes and then they are sent to the WeScribeIt account set up by the user for transcribing, all through the application. Since WeScribeIt now has an iPhone app, sending the work that needs transcribing has never been simpler.

Since their inception two years ago, WeScribeIt has continued to enhance every aspect of the transcription services they provide as soon as an improvement was available. It is no different with dictation services.

Melody Trantham, owner and CEO of WeScribeIt is dedicated to making her business the number one dictation and transcription service in the world. She tells clients, "The transcriptions that you require are taken care of with the utmost accuracy and timelines are adhered to because we realize time is money."

WeScribeIt provides all the transcription services needed by clients including but not limited to interviews, speeches, conference calls, medical and legal notes. Since the transcription service provided by WeScribeIt is always available, it does not matter if the notes are sent on Sunday morning or Friday night.

Audio Notes is used as an audio notepad for recording anything needing transcription. Not only does this feature make sending notes to the WeScribeIt account an easier task, but recording lectures and meetings has become much simpler. There is even a feature for highlighting notes that are more important than others for the ease of finding them.

Audio Notes has many features that even higher priced recorders do not have. The function that is certainly considered one of the most important is the ability of recording to begin immediately. As soon as the iPhone app is launched, the recording begins.

With the technology put into the new iPhone, there is even a built-in audio level monitor to help keep the recordings of your dictation free from distortion. There is also the ability to trim parts of your dictation out of the recording so it will not be a part of the finished transcription. Managing memos and notes has never been easier with the features on Audio Notes that allow editing, recording and sharing.

Changes have made the iPhone, 3GS, a much better phone. Teaming with WeScribeIt has made your iPhone the ultimate in the business world.

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